A one-page visual tool for planning, analyzing, and communicating your projects.

The Maker Project Canvas is inspired by the Business Model and Lean Canvases. It is tool for brainstorming and sharing project ideas. Like the other canvases, its one-page format encourages sharing project ideas. Long written project plans are not easy to create or discuss. Instead, project plans often end up as unstructured notes that may miss a key aspect or issue. This makes it harder to describe your project to get feedback from others. The Maker Project Canvas structures project ideas, overcoming these problems.

The canvas has a hierarchical structure that gives you insight into your project. It is has sections (goal, form, and function) made up of elements. The Concept Canvas only shows the top level of the hierarchy (sections). Use it to rapidly brainstorm alternative solutions to the goal at its center. It keeps both the form and function in mind while sketching ideas freely. Once you have selected an approach, switch to the full canvas.





You can download these canvases from Github. Check out our posts on Medium describing the canvas and applying it to projects. We’re putting together a book illustrating the use of the Maker Project Canvas. In the meantime, you can get a Workbook to help you with using the canvas on your projects.


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